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Production Technology

Ceramic Processing Techniques

Our main factory is located in Tainan City, Taiwan with 5000 SQM floor plan. Cirocomm is one of the ceramic frequency part makers, capable of processing from ceramic powder raw materials to final DR filters and antennas for RF application. We shrink the filter and antenna size by use of ceramic and high K value materials.

Core Technology
Here are three important missions of Cirocomm production: 
(1) Develop excellent products.
(2) Introduce products to the market at appropriate supply levels.
(3) Avoid recklessly harming the environment


With the current product processing technology, Cirocomm Technology Corp. will establish high efficient quality control capability to comprehensively improve automation scale in the present production process and thus achieve the target of overall high efficiency. Aiming at new designed products, high automation will be introduced as the primary goal for not only highly increased capacity but also effective cost reduction. Improvement of yield rate will be Cirocomm’s best quality guarantee for various products. Cirocomm Technology Corp. is about to grow and thrive in the global field of high frequency wireless communications through its mature products and technologies.

Cirocomm’s production lines have cumulated rich manufacturing techniques for so many years of hard working, further achieving the goal of comprehensive efficiency. We deeply realize only providing customers with sophisticated products and zero day services can win customers’ trust, which is also Cirocomm’s guideline for sustained efforts in its production lines.

Manufacturing Process


Forming & Sintering



Function Test


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Technology Field
Technology Field