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4G-LTE Antenna

4G-LTE Antenna

Due to the increasing of high speed data transmission requirment, 4G LTE technology has dominated the mobile communication network today. Though LTE has different band application in different regions, Cirocomm provides the broad band range 700MHz ~ 2700MHz antennas to meet your need. Aside from mobile phone, LTE is also widely used in networking modem, smart sensor/meter, healthcare, vehicle wireless communications and more. Contact us for more information about LTE antenna and DR filters.

SMD Chip Antenna

  • Compact, lightweight.
  • Requires small, clear empty area for placement.
  • Rugged, solid construction.
  • Multiband, High gain, uniform directivity.
  • Surface mountable design (SMD) with low-loss metallization that is easily solderable.
  • Customizable antenna frequency and impedance matching.