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GNSS Passive Antenna

GNSS Passive Antenna

We provide two GNSS antennas: (1) circularly polarized patch, and (2) linearly polarized one. The patch antenna has much higher efficiency in receiving GPS satellite signal as is Right Hand Circularly Polarized (RHCP), though it must be pointed towards satellites. The linearly polarized antenna has advantage in smaller size and omnidirectional operation - no need to be pointed towards satellites. If your devices require higher performance and is intended to work towards satellites, a circularly polarized patch antenna would be recommenced. While a linearly polarized antenna is a good option if your device has very limited room, work in all direction or lower performance request as device environment is clean. Our RD team can find tune frequency to meet your need. Contact us for further information.

GPS-Glonass Chip Antenna

  • Compact, lightweight and cost-effective.
  • Rugged, solid construction.
  • Surface mountable design (SMD) with low-loss metallization that is easily solderable.
  • High gain, uniform directivity.