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Head band, Wrist band, Smart watches, Sport cloth

"The Wearables" is another wireless application of a micro-lightweight device to be easily wore. Wearing a device for example smart watches, tracking devices, VR glasses are more and more popular nowadays. These devices not only entertain, but check and analyze physical conditions, providing users such as footprints, burning calories, blood pressure info to improve their life quality. Cirocomm provide FPC, metal antennas and chip antennas that perform well close to the human body, for those use in all kinds of consumer wearable devices.

Smart Watch
Reference Case 1
Smart watch
One of the healthcare brand in EU use Cirocomm GSM antenna and GPS ceramic patch antennas in their smart watches both for sport monitoring and healthcare purpose.
Wearables wrist
Reference Case 2
Wearables wrist
Cirocomm is working with one of the leading brands of wearables (wrist) in Europe. We provide the high-performance 2.4GHz miniature antenna embedded in the wearables, which are distributed and shipped all over the world.