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Retail payments are “everyday” transactions between individuals – private citizens, companies, NGOs, and government agencies — covering all aspects of society and daily life. Cirocomm provides NFC/RFID/WCDMA /GSM / LTE and WiFi / Bluetooth antennas for the retail machine market. In order to provide customers with the most suitable antenna for their needs, we provide customization options to design and fine-tune the antenna with the measurement equipment.

Reference Case 1
Handheld payment terminal
Cirocomm partnered with the world’s leading payment terminal manufacturer. With the integration of Cirocomm’s NFC/RFID/WIFI/GSM/GPS antennas, their portable payment terminal completes transactions more efficiently and increases each customer’s satisfaction.

Reference Case 2
RFID Reader
RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can be defined as follows: Automatic identification technology which uses radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to identify objects carrying tags when they come close to a reader. Cirocomm provide the RFID antenna solution to one of leading RFID reader makers in Taiwan. The customer integrated radio frequencies identification and many types of tag to carry out a total solution for smart inventory management.