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Antenna Solutions

Our core competence

Antenna design techniques,material science and ceramic processing techniques allow us to design wide range frequency antennas with desired performance to meet your need.

Antenna Total Solutions
The ideal antenna solution requires the experience and hard work of a professional design team to overcome all the challenges that may occur. Cirocomm's antenna design team has built up a reliable standard antenna design procedure from many years of industry experience and thousands of cumulative efforts in materials science, RF engineering, fabrication processing, and manufacturing, paired with advanced state-of-the-art antenna measuring and production equipment. We are the sole truly vertically-integrated antenna solutions provider in the industry. Cirocomm's antenna development and production process is illustrated in the flow diagram (above/below). The entire process is entirely in-house, from conception of the design prototype to manufacturing and delivery. This extensive range of design capabilities and large variety of technologies allows our engineers greater freedom to pursue the optimal antenna design.

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Antenna Application
Antenna Application
Cirocomm Customized Passive Antenna Products
ATS_pdt01 Ceramic Antenna Aeries OEM/ODM、Portable、Navigation Device、Tracker、Netbook、 Cradle、Cellular Phone、Digital Camera
ATS_pdt02 FPC Antenna Series OEM/ODM、Netbook、Notebook、Cellular Phone、POS Device、 E-Book、Portable Navigation Device
ATS_pdt03 Metal Antenna Series OEM/ODM、Netbook、Notebook、POS Device、Tracker、 Portable Navigation Device 、Component
 ATS_pdt04 PCB Antenna Series OEM/ODM、Netbook、Notebook、Digital Frame、POS Device 、Component
 ATS_pdt05 External Antenna Series A / P Router、Satellites、Car、DVB、TMC
Application Platform:
GPS(Military)、Glonass、Galileo、Beidou、Satellite Radio(XM & Sirius)、Globalstar、Iridium、Thuraya、Terrestar、Inmarsat、DAB、WIFI、Bluetooth、Wimax、LTE、GSM850 / GSM900 / DCS1800 / PCS1900 / WCDMA、DVB、WLAN、FM、RFID、CMMB etc.