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Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 and wireless technology

Today wireless technology is widely used in industrial field, connecting robotic control, AI learning systems, retail inventory management, automatic production line and more. Cirocomm provide a wide range of antenna products in NFC, RFID, LTE, GSM, WiFi, BT, Zigbee, GPS (time calibration) application. By use of wireless technology, people utilize "the big data" in industry to significantly increase profit and improve efficiency. We srticke to be your reliable RF partner by providing antenna consulting, simulation, design, verification and manufacturing service.

Reference Case 1
Industrial tablet
Cirocomm assisted one of the well-known industrial computer/handheld terminal companies to design LTE and WiFi antennas supporting wireless connection, allowing operators to communicate and manage facilities via their tablets.
Reference Case 2
Handheld RFID reader
Cirocomm provides one of the leading computer makers in Taiwan with RFID and LTE antenna solution. RFID readers are widely used in retail & inventory management to improve efficiency and reduce the possibility of human error.
Reference Case 3
Street light
Cirocomm works with one of the system integrators by providing embedded antennas on the street lights. When the street lights are malfunctioned, the system will immediately transmit the signal to notify the technicians to repair accordingly.