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IoT and wireless communications: LAN and LPWA

IoT integrates mobile communications, the Internet, the Cloud, and AI systems (big data) to provide smart and healthy life for the new generation of intelligent society. Antennas are one of the most critical element for wireless transmissions. The Cirocomm team is capable of providing antenna solutions to fit in customer’s device environment with desired performance. The product range of Cirocomm IoT antennas includes chip antennas, FPC / PCB antennas, and dielectric ceramic antennas covering different frequency application in WiFi, BT, Zigbee, LTE band 8, Sub GHz, LPWA(LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT, Weighless P) and more.

Reference Case1
Due to the limited size constraint of the E-Book, Cirocomm provides the leading E-book OEM company in Taiwan with a Bluetooth solution utilizing 2.4G chip antennas, which satisfies the performance requirement of the customer and minimizes the size of the antenna.
Reference Case2
Animals monitoring
This is an interesting project that the GPS tracker is attached on the animal's body, so that we can always know where the animals are. Such GPS trackers are attached on birds, pigs, cattle and racing horses, even for wild animals as environmental protecton purpose. Our patch antennas are embedded in GPS tracker, allowing you to get the animal position immediately.