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Smart Home

Smart home and wireless technology

Cirocomm provides a variety of antennas and filters for Smart Home wireless devices. The most common Smart Home systems run on WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, ultra-wideband (UWB), Sub-GHz (band below 1GHz) and more. By use of wireless technologies, users can easily control refrigerator, lights, air conditioner, thermostat, security camera and kitchen appliances via their mobile phones. Cirocomm assist to construct RF foundation for your wireless communications.

Reference Case 1
Smart meter
Smart meter is a new generation apparatus of the smart home application. We provide antenna solutions for the National power plane in Taiwan for smart grid management. The smart meter not only tranfers the (electricity, GAS, water) data to DCS, but also provide analytic data to people to make good use of the public utilities.
Reference Case 2
Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
The end customers adopted Cirocomm chip antenna solution embedded in the Bluetooth Speaker. Smart speaker is a sweet tool today which can play music, make reservation, and more for you via voice control.