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Wireless medical devices

There are increasing demand for wireless homecare medical devices such as glucometer, thermometer, blood pressure monitor, nebulizer, CPAP and first aid equipment today. Medical care and nursing service continue growing with implementation of wireless technology. Cirocomm’s mission is to reduce the size and complexity of the antennas used in these devices. Medical applications have been the primary objective of recent R&D. We also provide a diverse selection of antenna materials to reach the highest effectiveness in each environment.

Reference Case 1
CPAP Sleep Device
One of the world’s leading sleep device manufacturers uses Cirocomm antennas in their CPAP machines. The antenna supports faster data transmission to the Cloud for medical diagnostics and eliminates the need for external storage like SD cards.
Reference Case 2
One of the leading sphygmomanometer manufacturers in Taiwan implements our WIFI/BT antennas in their product. Medical data can be transmitted to the user’s smart phone or tablet while measuring their blood pressure. Using a smartphone/tablet app, the data can be collected and analyzed, helping users understand and manage their personal health.