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RF Costomized Design

Our Talented Enigneers

The Cirocomm RF team is dedicated to working with our partners to overcome RF challenges. Our RF team consists of experienced RF engineers and antenna labs, which enable us to provide result-focused solutions to meet customer’s need.

Our Experienced R&D Team
The performance of an embedded antenna can be affected by your device environment, as a stable ground plate and ample clearance space are strictly required. With these factors considered, engineers might easily bump into a difficulty with antenna when design a wireless device.

The Cirocomm team is dedicated to working with customers to overcome their RF challenges. Our RF team has many experienced RF engineers and antenna labs (with HFSS software and antenna measurement hardware such as over-the-air chamber), which enable us to provide antenna solution to meet our customer’s needs. In order to properly implement an embedded antenna with the desired performance, we analyze the device environment through an NDA, then either provide PCB layout advice, or design an antenna to fit your device structure. After the design process, the completed device will be put into our over-the-air chamber for testing and verification for the desired performance. Finally, with the customer’s final approval, we file the necessary data and specs of the antenna and put it into mass production at our factory.

Our analysis models, development processes, commitment to quality assurance, and long history of successful internal and external antenna design and manufacturing are available to help you overcome the unique challenges of the high-performance RF / Microwave market.
Our Product Design Process
The Cirocomm Antennas product design process is structured to give our customers realistic expectations regarding antenna design and performance, based on our extensive experience designing a wide variety of antenna products and accessories.

Once a request comes in, our engineering team works closely with customers to fully understand the requirements of the finished antenna product both electronically (operating frequency ranges, power, gain, VSWR, and other relevant parameters) and mechanically (size, weight, fit, environmental ruggedness, connectors, product integration with other devices, and other related mechanical specifications) using our catalogue of computer-aided design tools.

Once the technical evaluation of the design requirements are finalized, the customer is sent a complete document outlining the antenna design, electrical and mechanical specifications, and estimated prices based on the requested quantity levels. Once approved, our team moves quickly to complete your design and deliver the finished production units at your desired schedule.
Future Goal

Wireless communication dielectric filters (400MHz to 11GHz)

Wireless communication antenna.

Microwave LNA design

Variable Dielectric Power

Communication modules and finished product

Cirocomm R&D capability

HFSS, High-frequency EM Simulator Software.

SATIMO/TRC/Atenlab 3D Chamber,EMI mapping tool.

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