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DR filters with -50dB outband rejection and high power input

RF filters form an important element within a variety of scenarios, enabling the required frequencies to be passed through the circuit, while rejecting those that are not needed. Cirocomm's dielectric filters are mainly used in WiFi 5GHz triband, DSRC (5825MHz), LTE, GPS, and small cell 3500MHz applications. We shrink the dielectric filter size by use of high constant value ceramic materials, which features high outband rejection (-50dB), low insertion loss (-2dB), high Q value and high power input.

Reference Case 1
AP Router & repeater
Cirocomm J series high frequency DR filters have been approved by Qualcomm and Intel, and listed as qualified filter parts in their recommended 5GHz triband RF solutions. One of the leading high-end AP router brand in North America adopted Cirocomm the J series DR filters in their WiFi dual band routers and repeaters.
Reference Case 2
Game host
Cirocomm 5Ghz DR filters have been qualified by Marvell as recommended DR filters to work with their WiFi chips. One of the leading gaming companies adopted Cirocomm 5GHz DR filters in their game host. The 5GHz WiFi system in game host carry out high speed data transimission rate to achieve desired performance in game experience.